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In Bestiapeluda Visual Studio, we are fortunate to meet and work with many artists who accompany us in each project for our clients, and others with whom we would like to do so. Not only do they work for the industry, but they also enjoy their talent by creating pieces of their own, and in order to be able to show this to all our friends, followers and clients, we have created Bestia Art Gallery, a space where both In Madrid as Düsseldorf we organized a bimonthly exhibition with all the works that were done by them.

We are an art driven multidisciplinary studio with focus on visual arts, working with clients in Madrid, U.S.A, São Pablo, Milán, Buenos Aires, but also in Düsseldorf. In Bestiapeluda Visual Studio we believe in global collaboration and always we are looking for new chalenge and artists around the world for share our studio at our Madrid Office.

Bestia Art Gallery is a space to unveil the talent of each of the artists we like and we would like to work at Bestiapeluda Visual Studio. A way to enter the heart of the studio so that everyone can know the criteria and the true talents that make up this great team and have much more to show us what they do when they work in freedom.

To celebrate we host a monthly art exhibition in our new studio in Derendorf. 
The exhibition includes creations of international artists who craft their artworks after a full day of work. The selection includes artworks made both with digital and analog tools.

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